June 21, 2023

Starting a New Renovation Project

I am excited to announce that I recently started a new renovation project in my hometown of Medford, NJ. I do not do a ton of work in Medford even though I live here. I started my business when we lived closer to Philadelphia so the majority of my customers have remained in those areas. I also prefer to work on mostly older homes, and there are not too many old homes in need of restoration where I currently live. Medford does not have a strong architectural backbone, so I never pushed my way into the market here. All that aside, I am working on a nice “newer” home on a beautiful lot on the other side of town. I was brought on to this job by the design team of Design Manifest. This will be my first time working with them, so I am excited to see how it all comes together. So far they have been diligent, responsive, and professional.

The project in short is a first floor renovation. Some areas entail more work than other areas, but the majority of the first floor is getting touched in one way or another. The kitchen is the bulk of the work. It is a full remodel with new floors, electrical, plumbing, some layout changes, new cabinets/tops, and new appliances. We are also relocating a window, and closing up another window, so the exterior stucco will have to be demolished and then replaced. 

We are also adding some cabinetry and shelving in a larger lounge area off of the kitchen. The designers laid out, drew, spec’d, and ordered all of the cabinetry. I have to admit it has been a bit of a treat not having to handle that aspect of the job. I do not hate it, it is just that there are a surplus of decisions and details that need to be worked through with everyone, and it can be overwhelming and consuming. 

I will be self-performing the site-protection, framing, window/door installation, cabinet installation, painting, trim carpentry, HVAC, and tile work. I will be subcontracting the demolition, plumbing, electrical, stucco, insulation, drywall, roofing, and hardwood flooring. I am excited to manage a larger portion of this project, and it should be a lot of fun handling the finishes. Typically I am not using the Midweek platform to describe specific project scope, but this is a larger project that will take us through Summer, so I wanted to brief everyone as to what was happening. I intend to document as much of this project as possible throughout the course of the renovation, so this blog should serve as a precursor to that. 

As you see me work through this project real-time online, please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for content as well as documentation. There are a lot of moving parts here, so I will not be able to cover everything, but I would love to be able to hone in on specific details of the project that are potentially valuable to all of you. As always, thank you for following along, and do not hesitate to shoot me an email with anything that you need.


- Tyler Grace