The Modern Craftsman is more than just a podcast. It’s a community. A hub for those in this industry to promote excellence, education, knowledge and respect. To share what they’ve done right and what they’ve done wrong. To talk about building, life, leadership, mental health and everything in between. And we partner with vendors, brands and people that share the same goals: to make people better, to make the industry better and to advocate for a better life in the trades.
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#320 - Nick,Tyler and Jeff Talk Balancing Profit and Perfection

Nick Schiffer, Tyler Grace, and Jeff Sweenor discuss the challenges of building a high-end custom home, including roofing options, lighting design, and work-life balance. They also explore the importance of persistence, adaptability, and leveraging technology in the construction industry.
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The Modern Craftsman Podcast is a platform for professional craftsmen to tell real and relatable stories about the industry and market they live and work in.

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We love our partners